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"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” – WALT DISNEY


Disney KIDEA is a Japan-exclusive, licensed Disney wooden toy line perfect for stacking, small-world play, block play, and display.

Disney wooden toys collection

Beech Wood • Double-Sided
15mm Thickness • Non-Toxic Paints
Varying Shapes and Sizes

'Tsumiki' つみき sue-mic-key is the Japanese word for 'wooden blocks / playing with building blocks.'

Kidea tsumiki are the perfect blend of classic Disney and high-quality wooden toy, with timeless and recognizable characters that appeal to the imagination at any age.

Disney creates a unique shared experience across generations – from the nostalgia of our own childhoods, to the characters and movies our children love today. With beautiful details, soft colors, natural materials, and endearing faces, Kidea can be enjoyed by everyone.

Disney wooden toy blocks