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About Disney Kidea Wooden Toy Collection​

Disney Kidea wooden toy collection was released in 2016 in collaboration with Tokyo Gakugei University, a doctoral Education program that trains future educators. Made from beech wood with natural grain variations, each figure is unique. The detailed designs are double-sided, adding to the play value and charm. Each block is 15mm thick and varies in height from approximately 1.5 inches to 3 inches.

Features: Non-toxic, water-based paints safe for mouthing, 100% FSC-certified wood, manufactured at the Hape factory in Ningbo, China according to the stringent Japan Toy Safety Standards (ST) and compliance with Japan Food Sanitation Law (JSFL) for toys that may be mouthed by children.

Disney Kidea wooden toy Mickey Mouse Koinobori
Disney Kidea wooden toy Winnie the Pooh in a toddler's hand

Our Story​

Tsumiki Toy is a small shop based in Japan. As a family of 6, we love to explore everything Japan has to offer, and in particular, enjoy 'kawaii,' the Japanese culture of cuteness that communicates joy found in innocent, sweet, lovable, adorable things. In Japan, kawaii is expressed in many ways – food, fashion, and everyday objects, especially toys. Even the cities have cute mascots!


Disney Kidea wooden toy collection is a unique blend of kawaii, Disney nostalgia, and wooden toy sustainability, and they are perfect for all ages. We are excited to be able to share our love for them, as well as offer a changing selection of other fun finds from Japan.

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