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Starbucks Japan Anniversary Bearista cup. A unique glass tumbler shaped like a Bearista double-tail mermaid. The Bearista is holding the earth, and the silicone crown is a lid. Just like a Starbucks Tiki Glass! This bearista mermaid is so fun!

Starbucks Anniversary 2023 Glass Tumbler Bearista

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  • Glass cold cup tumbler. Pull-off lid. Cold beverages only. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. If used in the dishwasher, the printed glass design will eventually peel/melt off from the hot water.

    Size: With straw (without) 9.9 x 8.9 x 26.3 (20.3) cm

    Capacity:  591 ml / 19.9 fl oz

    Material: Body: Borosilicate glass
    Lid: Silicone rubber
    Straw: Polypropylene

    Although the glass is heat resistant, it is meant for cold drinks.