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These drawing boards are perfect for artwork in the bath! Kitpas drawing boards adhere to the bath/shower wall (even tile) with just water and also float. They provide a drawing surface for use with the 1 included non-toxic Kitpas bath crayon.

Kitpas Bath Drawing Board

    • Series: Kitpas Bath
    • Board Size: Varies. Approx. Height 9 inches x Width 11.4 inches
    • How to Install: Use while holding, or wet the back of the board and adhere to the bath wall.
    • Includes: 1 drawing board, 1 bath crayon
    • Care: clean board after use with hot water
    • Manufacturer: Nihon Rikagaku (Japan)
  • Kitpas is Japan's leading manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly art materials. Their rice bran wax bath crayons are non-toxic, vibrant, and use a waterproof outer paper. They even float in water! The crayons can be used on other surfaces as well. They are non-staining on most bathroom surfaces, but it's best to test on an inconspicuous area first and clean up soon after bathtime. Clean with hot running water. Older, more porous surfaces are more likely to stain and may require cleaner.